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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HomeVision VR?

To add a new question go to app settings and HomeVision VR is an Architectural Visualization company that specializes in creating award-winning renderings for new construction residential projects. Our service allows you to showcase floor plans for residential spaces that are not constructed yet. Using the latest 3D rendering technology, we construct photo-realistic models, decorate them, and host them online for your clients to tour – from any device. Our digital marketing packages also include:

  • an animated video tour,
  • short, eye-catching video clips for social media posts,
  • images,
  • and a fully immersive virtual reality solution.

We already work with another Architectural Visualization company, how is HomeVision VR different?

There are pros and cons to working with any service based company. Without knowing which specific company you’re referring to, here are some key factors you want to look at when comparing us: QUALITY Rendering quality is probably the most important factor when choosing a visualization company. Each studio uses different tools and workflows, which gives their renderings their own unique look. We strive for photorealism. CREATIVITY Furniture Staging is key to showcasing residential properties. You wouldn’t stage your model homes with generic furniture. Our Iartists recreate high-end styles appropriate to the features and price points of your plan. We work with your specs to showcase the standard options that you are offering. Your clients won’t have to imagine what their space is going to look like anymore. INNOVATION We developed our own proprietary 3D Virtual Tour Platform. Our virtual tour isn’t the standard 360 tour our competitors may offer. Here are some key features that make ours stand out: We are continuously enhancing the viewer and since we host it, you’ll automatically get the upgrades with no changes needed on your end. VALUE Try describing every feature, every option, every measurement to a client with just words and a floor plan. In today’s ever competitive market, you can’t tell your clients about your homes, you need to show them. Our package includes everything you will need to showcase your floor plans in print, on your website, your social media channels, and sales offices. Basically, for the same price our competitors charge for a handful of rendered still images, we provide all the digital marketing you will need to showcase your plans.

How do I know if I should use 3D renderings for my project?

Constructing model/show homes can be very expensive. Costs to furnish and decorate the home alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Our solution allows your clients to still tour the plan, without that cost.

We already use Matterport, why should I use HomeVision VR?

Perfect! Our clients use their rendered virtual tour side by side with their Matterport tours for plans that they did build models for. Our 3D virtual tour embeds on your webpages exactly the way Matterport tours do. Using our rendered tours (for plans that are NOT constructed) side by side with your Matterport tours (for plans that are constructed) give your clients a very cohesive experience as they start their sales journey.

Do I need to have a completely built home in order to use your services?

Our solution is for homes that are NOT constructed yet. We take your CAD drawings and convert them to a 3D model. From there, we decorate each room and publish a virtual 3D tour your clients can view online.

We have standard flooring, fixtures, and other options. Can we show them in our Virtual Model Home?

Yes! Our goal is to create the most accurate representation of your homes. If you’re able to provide us with the specs, we will try our best to match them. Here are examples of specs our clients needed in their homes that we were able to match in the rendering.

How long does it take to complete a Virtual Web Tour?

A typical project take 6 - 8 weeks to complete.